Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden in early spring

Gardening became my new passion. I grew up as a city girl, the best way how to get fresh fruit and veg was to go to the farmers market. When we were looking for The House to buy for ourselves here in Ireland, the size and orientation of the garden was a major issue. Finally we managed to find good size South West facing garden.
This is the third spring in our house. During the first two years we tried to figure out what plant where, which plant can survive a lot of rain and perhaps a lack of sunshine. I adopted very simple approach: if something could grow in my grandmother's garden in North of Slovakia, it will surely grow in the middle of Ireland. Summers are just about the same and winters are much warmer with almost no snow or frost.

This is our apple tree - must-have in the garden. The tree itself is barely taller than me, but it produces fruits right from the beginning. Well, first year we only had 2 apples out of it, but last year 26! This year it looks pretty good too.

Gooseberry bush. We only planted it a year ago with no luck for fruit so far. Maybe this time.

Redcurrant bush. Oh yes, I really do love them and I hope no birds munching on my currant this year!

Last, but not least - black currant bush. We only had a handful last year, so this time hope for best.

One more fruit is planted in our garden - of course, strawberries. They don't look particularly interesting at the moment, so no picture ;-)

Next time: vegetable and herbs.

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