Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holiday eating highlights

When on holidays, one of the most important things for me is always food. I try to sample something new and indulge myself. Luckily, people around me are somehow the same. So when our friends came over from Australia, they were brave enough to sample Slovak nation meal "halusky s bryndzou" - gnocchi with special unpasteurized sheep cheese topped with bacon. Some people might find sheep cheese too strong, but it didn't bother Reedik who liked it!

Farmers market is one of my favourite things ever. Seeing all the fresh produce and homemade goodies just fulfills me with joy. This particular one not far from Bratislava city center used to be my local one - I lived just 10 minutes walk from there and often stock up my larder there. This time I saw some pickles that I have never seen before...

Popular outdoor Hungarian snack Langos - almost bread like dough fried and topped with garlic sauce, sour cream and grated cheese. Not really suitable for dinner party, but oh so tasty...

As it was September - the middle of harvesting season - we helped my father-in-law harvest grapes from his vineyard. Grapes were then pressed and left to rest before separating juices from fruit.

This suspiciously looking liquid is freshly pressed red grapes juice. Looks awful, taste divine... And in couple of month it will turn into wine. Cheers!

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