Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Herbs in early spring

Spring is such a delightful time of year. Particularly for those who - like me - love gardening. First edible results of your hard work are ready to be picked.
Rocket - strong peppery flavour is exceptionally good in salads, with pasta and last year I even made a batch of rocket and walnut pesto.
Chives - this is probably my favourite herb. It is always first to come, fine oniony flavour complements many savoury dishes. And its lovely flowers are very attractive for bee, too. That's what we want - to attract wild live to the garden to help pollinate.
Lemon balm - in my opinion very undervalued herb. Tea infusion made from it is very refreshing. It is also great in mixtures - with sage to calm sore through and with mint to help digestion. It can be dried and stored for months.

Spinach - well, no need to remind of this little fella. Its baby leaves are delicious in salads and bigger ones in stews, with pasta, in omeletes... Possibilities are endless.

Radish - that is such a nice thing to bite into. Its crunchiness and sharp flavour make nice addition to salads. I have planted 3 different varieties, this long one is my winner.
Everything in my garden is blooming, bees are busy and I can look forward to tomatoes, courgettes and peppers.


  1. Yay, your garden is amazing! I LOVE it! Have a wonderful day. :) Petra

  2. Thanks, Petra. It is even more amazing in reality, I am not as good with photos as you are ;-)